Weapons you would like to see?

I would like to hear what kind of weapons you would like to see added to C:SI. If you have links to image, please feel free to add them. Some weapons may or may not be acceptable, please try to keep it in the general category of melee weapons.

They can be fantasy weapons as long as they could be incorporated into C:SI with balance in mind. Like Gun Blades could possibly be made, though the “gun” aspect of the weapon would probably be reserved for the special attack. With that in mind, feel free to post your ideas and/or comment on other people’s ideas. 🙂

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  1. I think a version with the idea of Sizuka Naru Shi sword but with a normal size and another smaller sword design right, bowed and Tusbas not very clean, great that we would keep his right hand slide forward , the other with his left hand in the way of Ninjaken, the idea of Musashi Daisho.

    I think too range of Geisha, with small plates on top of the range, the idea of the weapon in the movie ” Le pacte des loups “

  2. A halberd. A very wide bladed halberd. A simplistic creation would be well enough. Maybe detailing in the metal. bits of it and the handle lol

  3. a bow would be nice for raids or battles, a kyudo one with long pull and concentrate animation to avoid arrow spreading, i have a nice one from bakumatsu but it only works with total war system

    where others turn and sigh, You shall rise

  4. I’d like to see a Battou-justsu katana! it wuold be so nice!
    or a new double sword! maybe a daisho (katana + wakizashi) but this time not stamina killer
    or a double katana inspired to Soul calibur 4 charachter Shura (she has the same moveset as Cervantes de Leon but with double katanas)

  5. I would like to see Chinese swords.
    Chinese swords has two major styles ‘Jian’ and ‘Dao’.
    Jian is straight sword with double edges. It’s sharp and elegant.
    Dao is curved wide blade with single edge. It’s powerful and aggressive.
    I guess they would gives us more fantastic scenes of battle in C:si 🙂

  6. Best way I could call them I guess would be ‘Tonfa Blades’ or some sort, blades you hold backwards instead of the hilt/guard ontop of your thumb. If possible maybe a set of blades worn backwards and the sheath’s crossed like the ‘SIZUKA NARU SHI’s’ but have it attatched at the waist in the back and simply pull them out from behind. If ya’ll think this weapon’d be a neat idea just let me know and I’ll post more about it for Ayame such as design ideas, attacks & specials and such ^_^.

  7. Hmm, new weapons? You know, I’ve been thinking of some new possible weapons. XD Maybe some Chinese Dual Hook Swords? XD I’ve also had an awesome idea for a Javelin! Have an idea for the special and combos and everything. XD

    1. Then explain in detail! 🙂 I mean really, the more info I have on something you would like to see made, the better chances it will get made. Inspire me! links to images are helpful as well.

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