Fixing the Jump-Slash-Slide issue

I had made changes to the Staves that I believed were the cause of the “sliding” bug in my weapons, and when the staves did not show this bug, I assumed the changes I made were the solution. It only makes sense. I saw something that appeared to be the cause, changed it, and the staves did not have the problem. Great! Except… when I applied this fix to the Dynasty Katana, it did not fix the problem. I spent many hours digging through the script, and I even downloaded a little application so I could compare the katana script, to the staff script, to see what was different.

The Dynasty script was, at this point, identical to the staff script short of a few link messages that tell the staff to shift in your hands. These could not affect the slide bug, but I had looked at everything else and there simply was nothing that would cause this bug. After gaining a few new grey hairs, I took a copy of the staff script and put it in the katana. To my surprise, the katana STILL continued to slide. Now the only thing left that was different was the staff’s animation for Combat Stance. So I copied this into the katana, and PRESTO! The katana no longer slid.

This was totally baffling to me. How could an animation affect how the script worked? I started thinking it had to do with the “easing in/out” that is used to blend from one animation to another. So I tested this. I uploaded the katana combat stance animation multiple times with different easing in/out settings. Nothing! The katana still slid! I was now pulling my hair out, including the grey ones!

I finally started looking at the animations themselves to see if there was something different inside. The staff animation was 40 FPS while the katana was 30 FPS. So I changed the katana combat stance to 40 FPS. *cry!* This didn’t change anything.

Then I noticed it. The Staff animation had a keyframe named CenterOfMass. The katana animation had this keyframe but it was empty. So I copied the katana keyframes over into the staff animation, saved it out, and uploaded it to SL.

I was in total shock!

This actually resolved the issue and the Dynasty Katana was not sliding. I had Hinamori Burleigh with me, and we were testing the katana, jumping and slashing all over the place without any sliding. it was FIXED! YAY!

Sometimes I am completely baffled by the way Second Life works, and I bend over backwards to find the solution to problems that are apparently unsolvable. I don’t think too many people understand how deep this goes. But you do now! 😀

The Dynasty Katana update should be released later today, barring any further complications, and the rest of the weapons will follow soon. I am sorry for the delay, but as you can see, I have spent a lot of time trying to find the solution to this problem.

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  1. Sometimes I am completely baffled by the way Second Life works

    That makes two of us 🙂

    That’s pretty interesting. I’d noticed in the past that different versions of essentially the same animation, with what I thought were only minor differences, could exhibit noticeably different behaviors in-world. I never pursued it as diligently as you did, so I never figured out the cause.

    Thanks much for the info!

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