Havok7 causing Havoc!

I started to do the updates for the Legends Series weapons today, only to find that there are serious issues with prim rezzing in the current release of the Havok7 server. This is affecting many weapon makers. Any detailed effects used in attacks or special attacks are generally made up of multiple prims. Havok7 has issues with rezzing multiple prims and is currently very laggy, which in many cases trickles back to the weapon causing the weapon to lag as well.

The Legends Series weapons use multiple prims to be able to produce multiple particles for the attacks, as you can only generate one particle per prim, requiring several to create multiple particle effects. Since the Havok7 server code is still being patched and tweaked, I am going to delay updating these weapons until after they have had time to correct the issues. If LL does not correct the problem, I will open a JIRA post and ask people to vote on it, to have this issue corrected.

The next version of the Havok7 Server code, Version 1.42 I believe, will be released on August 25th. Please be patient and give LL time to correct the trouble they are creating. They are of course working to create a better environment for us all, and sometimes this takes time to iron out issues.

In the mean time, if you would like to continue using a Legends series weapon, simply toggle the menu option [ Impact Off ] to revert the weapon to the original blood effects and you should not see these lag issues. Once the Havok7 issues are ironed out, I will update all of the Havok7 weapons, fix the sliding bug, patch the math error, and tweak the block timing, as people have reported the Legends Series’ blocking to be delayed. I already know the cause of this.

I was planning to offer shields to be used with these weapons, and the weapon would need to know if the shield is worn, to know if it should use the shield block animation or the normal weapon block animation. This check, each time you block, is causing it to delay. I am simply going to remove this, and look for other ways to make shields possible in the future.

Thanks for reading and thanks for being patient!

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