Gotokuneko Katana updated to V4.4

The Gotokuneko Katana is now updated.

This update (V4.4) solves the following two issues.

  • Resolved issue with the Jump-Slash causing the user to be locked to the ground or sending the user sliding across the ground.
    This bug fix will be added to all affected weapons.
  • Resolved long time issue with Script: Math Error that would break weapons leaving them unusable and forcing user to unpack a new copy.
    This bug fix will be added to all weapons.

Additionally, the Gotokuneko had two unique bugs that are now fixed.

  • Resolved issue with sakura overlay on sheath disappearing if the tsuba was toggled off, and the sheath was removed and reworn. The katana was not reading all of the link numbers properly. Split link numbers into two lists. Sakura overlay should show always.
  • Resolved issue with katana not auto-sheathing properly when the drawn blade was removed and reworn. Blade would disappear but would not animate the sheathing of the blade and the blade would not show up in the sheath. Fixed!

Repacking this weapon at the moment. It will be in the updater shortly. If you own the weapon, simply wear the blade and it will check for the update. If you are already wearing the weapon, simply remove the weapon and wear it again to check for an update. You will be notified via a message from the update server and a new package will be delivered to you. The same goes for all of my C:SI weapons.

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