Update Status – Important Information

If you have been reading my posts, you probably have seen that I have sent out updates for a few of the weapons now. I have delayed releasing more updates due to new issues arising at the same time that the Havok 7 server release was being implemented across the grid. This time has not been wasted as I have now found that the patch we originally came up with to fix the dreaded “Math Error” in the Sensor Slash, was incomplete.

I still received reports of this happening from updated weapons. The majority of which were people using the weapons in Homestead sims, or fighting at extreme heights, and at first I was inclined to believe this was a flaw with the Havok 7 server code being unstable. Then as I was working on the Hand-To-Hand melee combat, I myself experienced this issue with a script that had already been patched with what we originally believed to be the solution. As many of you know, I feel very strongly about the quality and stability of my weapons.

Thanks to the help of Shindo Otsuka and Lynkis Ryba, I have now found the true source of this bug, as well as a solution that should prevent this from ever happening again, even in the most unstable of conditions. The bug is indeed a flaw in SL, as far as I can tell, where one of it’s functions is failing to return the correct information, and instead is returning 0 (Zero). Luckily this calculation is only being used to adjust the push that the kick has on an opponent and the range of numbers it would normally return is small enough that I can test for a 0 (Zero) result and if this happens, set the value to a constant without it affecting combat.

I am currently having Shindo and Lynkis test this bug fix thoroughly while beta testing the Hand-To-Hand combat. I feel pretty confident that I have found and solved the issue. Once I am sure of this, I will resume updates, fixing this issue in all weapons.

Please bear with me while I work diligently to solve existing problems and improve the stability of the C:SI system. I, as well as other members of the C:SI project group, are currently working to solve all of the issues with C:SI. I have dedicated myself to improving and expanding the C:SI system and will continue to do so.

Have a wonderful day!

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