Musashi Naginata Work-In-Progress

Here’s a quick shot of the Naginata I am working on.

Animations take hours and hours to make. I believe I spent roughly 60 hours making the Staff/Polearm animations. They were not so easy to make. Working in poser you have to manually move the body parts while ensuring that the body twists and bends in a realistic manner. Unless you have dabbled in making animations, you have no idea how hard this actually is.

I spent a lot of time watching real Bo Staff instructional videos, Staff fighting sequences in movies, time spent standing in my living room with a broomstick performing the movements and analyzing the way the body moves and twists to get a better idea of how to animate the figure in Poser, as well as taking ideas from Soul Caliber as they have some very nice attacks.

All of this “research” time is not included in the time it takes to actually make the animations, that is on top of the 60 hours. So when I make a new set of animations I tend to release several weapons with the same set of animations. Maybe this will give you an idea as to why I use the same set for different weapons. 🙂

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  1. Greetings, the script and the animations are the most complicated things to make in SL, good continuation (the build seems childish ^ ^)

    The return of Nagi Power?

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