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I am dedicated to removing any bugs that are brought to my attention. Many times I hear “I thought you would have already had someone report this issue, it’s something everyone complains about”, and it just boggles my mind, because people don’t report bugs. With SL being the way it is, sometimes freak issues will arise. Generally speaking if I only hear of a bug from one person, I assume this is a freak issue. I will test it, but if I can not repeat the reported issue, I will chalk it up to SL being unstable.

Please post any bugs you may encounter here.

  1. Remove and re-wear your weapon. If you received a script error that caused your weapon to stop functioning at all, you may need to unpack a new copy from the original case to get back to a working state.
  2. Once you have a working weapon, please repeat what you were doing when it broke. Try to isolate the cause of the problem before posting the bug here. This information will help greatly in resolving any issues.
  3. If you simply do not have the time to pinpoint the cause of the problem, that is completely understandable. Please do continue and post what you saw when you encountered the error and what the weapon is, or is not doing, that is out of the ordinary.
  4. If your reported bug is more of a personal preference issue, please save this for the development pages.

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  1. i hope this can help you to improve the quality of your swords
    i have a akuma no tsubasa (demon’s wing) it works good except for the block..
    i tried several times with that sword but it looks like the block is somewhat delayed..
    at the first i though it was my fault because of the new spword, and i needed to get in use, but after several times i noticed this delay…it’s like the block does not “work” in armony with the block animation, of som istant..but enough to be sliced by a expert opponement…
    i hope this message can help^^

    1. The blocking on the Akuma no Tsubasa is the same as the other Legends weapons, and as I may have posted in another area of the blog, the problem lies in the fact that I had originally planned to add shields for use with these weapons. The weapons are checking to see if a shield is worn, when you block, to know if it should block with the sword or the shield. As this check is causing a delay in combat, I am going to remove it during updates and revisit the idea of shields at a later date.

      Please be patient and I will correct this issue as soon as possible.

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