Wind Staff / Endless Power issues

I am currently fixing two bugs in the Wind and Endless Power staves.

  • The first reported bug was an issue where, if you try to draw the weapon from your back, right after wearing it, it would be invisible. Once returned to your back and drawn again it would be visible and work properly. This bug was caused by a longer than normal initialization time at the beginning of the script.

When any weapon is removed while it is drawn, then re-worn, it resets and forces you to sheath the weapon. When this happens, the animation sequence is played. However, in the staves, the wear(sheath) animation is longer, 1.6 seconds to be exact. This delay was added in the initialization area, but that proved to be a problem. So I have moved the delay into a section that only happens if the weapon is being auto-sheathed.

Bug Status: Resolved.
Update: Queued.

  • The second reported bug is a random loss of the ability to block and use special attacks. I have had two reports of this so far. I am currently investigating this bug. If anyone else has seen this bug and has any more information to help narrow it down with a “repeatable” process for causing this to happen, please post a comment here.

Bug Status: Investigating.
Update: Pending.

As soon as this bug is resolved I will post the update for both the Wind and Endless Power staves.

If you have a new bug to report, please post it as a comment here.

5 Replies to “Wind Staff / Endless Power issues”

  1. Mugen no Chikara (Endless Power) V4.3
    I used this weapon much, I see quite a kick excess, fighting against the same weapon he don ‘have no real worries, but against a katana “regular” there’re a real difference to push kick, even against the Taketori who already have a slight kick in fast and push more powerful than other swords.
    This is not my idea of a bug in equal arms becoming when she spars have another weapon against CSi.
    Mici Ayame & congratulations for your work (hopefully you are productive only you, thank you for this)

    1. The Endless Power staff has had the patch applied that corrects the Math Error bug that happens in unstable sims. This patch also includes a boost to the kick, in an attempt to return it to what it was before SL changed to Havok4.

      I will be applying this patch to all of my weapons this month to finally squash the math error bug. The amount of push that the kick was changed to, was created by Arch, and approved for release. It was intended as a group release, but without the group available to make changes, this could create a bit of an balance issue.

      Do you feel I should try to lower the push, until such a time as the other members can update their weapons? Or do you feel the knock back push is an improvement that will not seriously affect combat between people using weapons from different makers?

      Please post your feelings on this, and I will either revert the push amount in the upcoming staff updates, or leave it as is and add this to all of my existing weapons.

  2. Oh you’re in for a heap of trouble. lol People will whine and complain about your weapons being “cheap” and “unbalanced” for sure. When Robby improved his weapons, people freaked! People refused to fight Wave/Taketori (Mostly Wave) users a lot. I would be careful how you update the weapons. If it’s not on par with the others, people will nail you to a cross. I guarantee it. lol

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