Ronin Katana updated to V4.4

The Ronin Katana is now updated.

This update (V4.4) solves the following two issues.

  • Resolved issue with the Jump-Slash causing the user to be locked to the ground or sending the user sliding across the ground.
    This bug fix will be added to all affected weapons.
  • Resolved long time issue with Script: Math Error that would break weapons leaving them unusable and forcing user to unpack a new copy.
    This bug fix will be added to all weapons.

Additionally, I have added the Draw/Sheath gestures to allow easier drawing and sheathing of the weapon using the F5 key. This will be added to all of my existing weapons as I go through and apply the bug fixes described above.

Please be sure to comment on any of these weapon updates if you find something else you feel needs to be corrected. I would love to take care of all issues with my existing weapons and try to prevent new problems from arising in weapons yet to be released.

5 Replies to “Ronin Katana updated to V4.4”

  1. Ty so much for you hard work ayame-san! now finally swords will have not this problem and noone will use that bug calling it “sword charateristique” eheh 🙂

  2. Hi ayame,
    sorry to tell you,but my new Ronin still does the slide bug.
    I got the update 4.4,but when i hit kick or slash immediately after the jump,and leave it pressed together with the mouse button,it slides endless,it doesnt stop until i either leave the mouse button or the slash/kick button.If i dont release any button,i slide through the whole sim.

    1. Well I know I tested it and did not find this to be the case. I did, however, see the slide on the first attempt after updating to the new animations, and then it would not happen any more. I am not sure if the bug still exists, since it is not necessarily an easy thing to fix or change, being it is linked to the animation, and not a script issue.

      If anyone else is seeing repeated problems with the sliding bug, please please post comments here or in the bug section so I can investigate further. Again, if only one person is seeing the bug, I have to assume that person is either A) still using an old version of the weapon by mistake, or B) that it is a freak occurrence that is somehow isolated to the person having the problem.

      I have seen many strange issues in SL and I really can not spend days investigating something based on one person having trouble. As an example, I had a girl who could not see the blade on her Dynasty Katana. She could see the blade on someone else’s Dynasty, but not on her own. We tried everything from having her dump her cache, to adjusting video settings, to trying a new copy of the weapon and the blade of the katana would not show. Obviously this makes no sense what so ever, and in the end I gave her a different katana (which used the exact same prim for the blade) and she was able to see it.

      With that said, I am still dedicated to fixing any issues that I possibly can fix.

  3. Hi Ayame,
    i hope you did not misunderstand my previous post,i,of course,do not request any further changes on this,i perfectly respect your work,i just wanted to say,that i still do slide,i can produce it at 95% of the time.
    Of course,it is perfectly possible,that it is only me,i dont know why.Tested with a friend having the ronin too,after plenty of tries,she only did slide once,so seems ok for her,but i do at 95%.I assure that i have the new one,even unpacked it twice from the new update,emptied my cache,to avoid what ever could interfear ,and so on,but still the same.
    If you wish to,or have the time for,we can meet,and i can show you in realtime in sl.
    But i fully understand,you have a lot of work with this stuff,so there is no need to be worried just about me.As you said,if other people would have it too,thats why i posted,if i’m the only one,no worries,i can live with it ^^.
    Thanks .

  4. ciao ayame! i fpound another little “bug” ifwe can call it this way..
    in few words…the block after kicks, especially after the first kick is a lot more delayed then normal (or it looks like that) or at least a lot more then after a slash! it’s probably the animation that has some empty frames at the end, or, in any case, somehting binded to the animation, not to the script.
    i hope to be useful to you to make your extraordinary swords bettter and better^^

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