Dynasty Flame Katana updated to V4.4

The Dynasty Flame Katana is now updated.

This update (V4.4) solves the following two issues.

  • Resolved issue with the Jump-Slash causing the user to be locked to the ground or sending the user sliding across the ground.
    This bug fix will be added to all affected weapons.
  • Resolved long time issue with Script: Math Error that would break weapons leaving them unusable and forcing user to unpack a new copy.
    This bug fix will be added to all weapons.

Additionally, I have added the Draw/Sheath gestures to allow easier drawing and sheathing of the weapon using the F5 key. This will be added to all of my existing weapons as I go through and apply the bug fixes described above.

I have also added the particle texture for the flame that is seen when the katana is drawn, to a hidden prim. This allows it to rez before the weapon is used and should cause the flame to show correctly when drawn, rather than show as grey texture before rezzing.

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  1. Congratulations to the fiercest designer Csi Swords, I just tested and it is a revolution, “a term best policy”, I inform my dojo and friends who know Csi

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